Monday, March 7, 2011

Slice #6 - Of Pilates and Personal Time

Stretching, flexing, breathing, tightening, relaxing.  If you've ever done Pilates, you know what a full-body workout it is.  In order to get the most out of movements, you need to engage your entire body.  Sometimes, when one of us tries to close our eyes and imagine the pain away, our instructor says, "Open your eyes! BE in the room!" Experiencing the physicality of Pilates is part of the deal.  Experiencing what is happening to your body with each movement is purposeful.  The strain of your muscles, the presence of the work is meaningful. 

Though it's hard to devote an hour (plus travel time, 20 minutes round trip) twice during the school week and again on Saturday mornings, when I have a to-do list from here to Cancun (which is part of the reason for Pilates), I can't imagine a better gift for myself than this time.  To BE in the room.  Exercise energizes me, connects me to my body, lets me reflect on the day, and helps me feel motivated to keep doing the other work that is meaningful....loving, teaching, living.

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Ruth Ayres said...

I like the way you started with a list of verbs. So glad you are taking time to keep yourself healthy.
Happy writing,