Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Madness Books about Basketball

The bulletin board outside my classroom can be a challenge to keep fresh. With limited time during the day and a baby to get home to after school, it can be easy to slap up something and keep it that way for the year. But every time I walked by it and saw something outdated, I would feel frustrated. I finally found the solution: a permanent border and background that still complemented whatever was featured. 
In August, this board introduces our team of teachers. It has photos and bios so the students can place faces and names. It also stays up for curriculum night for parents.
In the winter, my advisory class shares their favorite cold day reads with our team. We cut out snowflakes to add to our "There's SNOW Better Time to Read a Good Book" board.
Now, in the Spring (or extended winter here in Illinois this year) I share basketball books that students can find in our library.
The last bulletin board in April/May features the names of students on our team who received our school's highest honor, Granger Gold. It's a way for our team to celebrate their achievements.