Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slice #2

Standardized Test Day #2: A(n Attempted) Poem
"You may begin."

Flip! Bodies bent over booklets,
brains buzzing with a bombardment of prepubescent preoccupations.

I hope they remember the strategies.
Zip! A #2 underlines an important idea or word.

Fifty-five minutes left.
Slowly, silently, scan the students.
Take a lap up and down the aisles.
Any apparent bubble artists out there?

"Achoo!" A case of the sniffles couldn't keep
these kiddos away on the big test day.

I should've...
I could've...

Fifty-four minutes left....


laurelwong said...

That was great use of the poetic form to capture the essence of testing from a teacher's point of view.

Leah said...

Oh dear, too much testing. Poor students, poor teachers. Wouldn't we all better off writing slices of life instead?