Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slice #12 - These shoes were made for..


They say a lot about a person.  Of the four, you can probably detect which ones belong to my fiance, and which three are mine!

The pair on the right are the sneakers I wore to school on Friday (the day of the week staff members usually wear jeans and school gear).

The heels I slid into on my way to a cover band Friday night (embracing my non-teacher self).  At the end of the night, my feet literally sighed with relief as I slid out of them and the heels of my feet came back down to earth.

And the boots my feet snuggled into while running errands into what turned out to be a cold, windy Saturday.  My toes were grateful for the sweater-like wrappings on this blustery day.

Soon, I look forward to the freedom of flip-flops, my feet learning to exist for a few months without the boundary of shoes.


Donna Smith said...

A great slice about shoes. I like imagining that I could hear feet literally sighing with relief.

Looking for the Write Words said...

Gotta love a slice about shoes. Your post is proof that writing ideas are everywhere.

Diana1LitCoach said...

I love the series of little snapshots about each shoe. It almost sounded poemy! Great picture and great idea. I may steal it to use for a future slice. :)