Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slice #17 - March Madness

In the middle of the madness that is March, I find that priorities change, and new goals surface.  Struggling to find a balance between work and life (and the new changes in life), I have had to revise some habits.  I have had to adjust what I do with my time at school so that I can spend more quality time during my non-school hours with those closest to me, doing the things that build a rich life.  I never "got" how veteran teachers with families did it.  Now that I look closer, I see that they are "doing it" by being smarter with their time.  Really prioritizing what they do.  Saying "no" when they need to. Making their picks.

So, lately, I've been making some picks of my own.  I choose to sit on the couch with my love's hand in my hand, rather than a grading pen touched to a rubric.  I choose to get up earlier, instead, to get that grading done in the quiet of my classroom well before students arrive.  I choose to make a nice meal for dinner, rather than staying late, organizing the stacks on my desk. I choose to organize immediately - everything in its place, right away - instead. I choose a life that is rich with material for my slices!  There will be upsets, cinderella stories, smiles, and tears.  The changes are slowly but surely coming around, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

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Michelle said...

I love this reflection! You sum up the clear decisions that working moms must make every day, even when they're not easy. Thanks for sharing!