Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slice #25 - Gardening, Step One

This is going to be one of those posts where the writer likens teaching to gardening. 

Though we didn't yield much from our seeds last year, we are going to try it again.  When I took this photo on Day One, I wasn't sure we would be successful.  Did I put the seed in too deep? Too shallow? Will they get enough sunlight? Did I put too many seeds in? Self doubt was creeping in and I started to wonder why I thought this was a good idea. Eventually, I decided to stop worrying and just try not to overdo it. Last year, my first year trying to grow anything from seeds, I think I "overworked" the situation.  This year, I tried to be nonchalant about the seeds. 

Look at them go!

Here comes the comparison: Sometimes, I have to remind myself to TRUST my teaching.  That's not saying that I need to be lazy in my teaching the way I was lazily dropping seeds in the dirt, but that I need to stop the self-doubt and let the good stuff get out there for the kids to latch on to.  I know I can't be perfect every da, but I also know that my methods and philosophy are strong and deep-seeded in the way I teach, every day. Though the comparison is weak right now, the growth of the seeds still gives me inspiration in my teaching, and that's all that matters! Grow, seeds, grow!


teacherdance said...

It's a terrific analogy, & good that you are taking such meaning from it for your support too. I liked the way you took it through from the beginning to seeing real growth. Now, with the nurturing, the plants really take off.

Nora said...

I agree. I liked your analogy. I also think you are right about self-doubt. It is good to reflect on what you are doing but sometimes you over-think and begin to question everything. It looks like you are finding a balance.