Friday, April 1, 2011

Slice #23 - Vivian Maier, a Talent Hidden

Vivian Maier's work at Chicago Cultural Center Exhibit

I secretly wish I could have a secret talent that went undiscovered.  A secret genius.  Like Vivian Maier.  I was first exposed to Maier's work in a TimeOut Chicago article about her April exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center.  It was the picture below that caught my attention.

I don't know anything about photography, so I'll probably sound ridiculous using any terminology, but, even to a lay person like me, this photo had life, texture, and grit.  I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  I had to see this exhibit.

What's more, the article revealed that Vivian Maier was no publicizer of her work.  In fact, she wouldn't let anyone see it.  She never even had the tens of thousands of negatives that were found after her death developed. She comes across as a recluse and (in my diagnosis) a candidate for Hoarders. Could it get any more intriguing!? I pound my fist and say, no, it can't.

Spring break came around, and when M asked me what I wanted to do, (while I was reading another TimeOut issue) I happened to be looking at the museum section, and saw the listing for the exhibit again.  "This."  His response was a sigh, but because he loves me, we went.  Hey, we were going to see a comedy show later that night anyway.  Fun for all. 

The exhibit was wow.  It was a party for my eyes.  It made me want to learn how to take photos like that.  It made me say, "How does she DO that?" 

I think there's a book and a documentary in the works.  I can't wait to get my hands and eyes on those, too. 

See her discoverer's blog for more party for your eyes:

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