Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teachers Write! Thursday 6/7 Quick-Write

Today's Quick-Write from Teachers Write...

Peace. Calm. I couldn't get out of that hallway fast enough. I need to remember to ask mom to pack my lunch tomorrow. Toni elbowed me in the ribs on my way out of the lunch line. Why does she have to be so mean? It takes more energy to be mean than to just ignore me. Good. My computer's free. I'll just pretend like I'm working on another project. Even though I get all my projects done early, at home. I'll just open that PowerPoint and play around with the text boxes for a while.

 I wish I had someone to hang out with at lunch. It sucks being so different from everyone here. People make fun of my hair, my clothes. I can never think of the right thing to say. Maybe I'll ask the librarian for another _____ book. The girls in that book always have the right clothes. Always say the right thing. They always have someone to hang out with.

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