Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slice of Life - Sounds of Summer

Today is the first day of summer break for this teacher. These are the sounds...

The hound dog duet that our neighbor must be unleashing in the park because left in the house, it must be cacophonous.

Car horns beeping as the neighborhood comes home from work and locks its vehicles.

Twittering of birds, sharing the day's highlights.

Thrum of the neighbor's air conditioning unit coming to life.

The whoosh of the car cruising the street.

The banter of the neighbors through the window (they never turn on their A/C) as they clean the dinner plates from the table.

No shouts of children's voices in the park across the street, though today was the last day of school...the light is scarce now. God, I hope they don't park it on the couch all summer.

The scratching of this teacher's burnt shoulders, remnants from a sunny Memorial Day Parade and BBQ. The peeling is almost over.

Someone fumbles with the spigot outside and a high-pitched, kweeeeeeee--- screams up the walls of our house. Someday soon, this will be a welcome sound, as it means relief from the scorching sun.


Wendi Richert said...

Oh, I love these sounds - the sounds you never hear when you're gone. But especially that sound you didn't hear. I do hope those kids get out to the park this summer! Happy summer vacation!

OneSunflower said...

You had so many different ways to describe the sounds you hear. My favorite is about the neighbors as they wash dishes - I could hear the chink of their plates along with their chatter.