Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Storyteller by Evan Turk
"There's nothing else like it!" This is exactly what I wrote on a sticky note after reading Evan Turks's The Storyteller. This book is a gift in more than one way. First, the artwork (yes, I would gladly frame each page and hang them in my home library) is stunning.
On one page, I left a sticky note that said, "I can barely follow the story; mesmerized by the illustrations/artwork!" At that point, I truly did lose track of the story because I was swimming in the art. It's a trip all in itself. One of the final pages is below. You could study it for days and find new intricacies to admire.

In addition to the beautiful artwork, the story itself is one book lovers, writers, and teachers will appreciate: the magic of storytelling and its power to transform.  This is one to share with your students!

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