Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's all go the movies!

After hearing that Matt had never been to a drive-in movie, I knew I had to step in and correct this.  I remember going to the now-demolished drive-in in Aurora when we were little and loving the feeling of being outside on a warm summer night with snacks and a couple of shows. We found one on Rt. 34 in a town called Earlville, which is usually a stop on the Ripp's bar tour, but had no idea there was more to Earlville than Jake and Ellwood's Bar (site of the infamous cell phone in the bar sink incident).  As you can see, Earlville's drive-in has stuck true to drive-in form.  Screen, speakers, parking spots.  Nothing fancy.   I'm glad that the owner didn't (or couldn't) remodel and add unnecessary luxuries.  I wanted Matt to get the real drive-in experience.  As you can see from the sunset, the rain we almost got washed away in on the way there subsided to a beautiful sunset while we waited for the movies to start. 

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